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​Writing is the last piece⭐︎

Writing is the last piece of the four skills, listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


LRIGHT ENGLISH recommends that studying a second language follows the same process of learning your native language.

As a baby learns a language in this series of processes:

Listening to parents,

Imitating parents to say a word, speaking

Recognizing words in a book, reading

Then, becoming able to write his/her name and simple words, writing.


We think it is easy and efficient to start from the basic level. From easy to intermediate to advanced, your writing covers longer and more complicated sentences.


If you write well, you can read and hear the same sentence. Maybe, you can speak it as well. In this way, writing measures your English skill.


Putting words in the correct order is very important. When you write a simple sentence, you can study the rule of the order.


Another point is that self-writing using pencil and note is much different from typing on PC. Some tests are conducted both on Paper and PC. You need to practice the test format too.


Once you finish the basic level, let’s try to write a paragraph. English paragraph mainly has three parts: Topic sentence, body sentence, and conclusion.

Topic sentence is like [I think this way about XXX. ]

Body is like [XXX is A. Also, B is XXX.]

Conclusion is like [ Therefore, the conclusion is XXX. ]


Normally, you make mistakes in writing, such as incorrect spelling, grammar, and strange expressions. You do not have to be concerned about these mistakes because it is a process of challenge. 


Let’s practice speaking as well as writing! Your writing is a text for your speaking training. 



We do NOT advise that kids study English grammar strictly. You can learn it later.

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LRIGHT ENGLISHでは、上記のサイクルを簡単レベルから段階的にレベルを上げていく学び方をおすすめしています。








また、ライティングに慣れることに関連して、「文章を手書きで記述する」のと「パソコンやタブレットでタイピング入力する」のでは勝手が違います。英検やT E A Pは手書き式とパソコン形式の両方が開催されていますので、試験と同じ形式に慣れておくことをおすすめします。



「私はX X Xについてこう思います。


したがって、結論としてX X Xと考えます」








English should be short and simple. Long, complicated sentences are not good. 


We advise you to write English with the following five points:


1.           Pay attention to word order.

2.           How to use ”not" and "no".

3.           5 verbs, do, have, get, take and play.

4.           Conclusion first.

5.           "will" and "can".


These five are helpful. 


Grammar textbooks have many rules, but you do not need to memorize them in the early phase. You will be able to write more variations as you get used to it.


Speaking your writing is good training. It helps you know about your improvement.

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1. 語順を意識しながら書く
2. 否定語notやnoの置く位置を覚える

3. Do, have, get, take, playの5つを使いこなす
4. 結論を最初に書こう!

5. willとcanの二つの助動詞を覚える







TOEFL Writing Independent⭐︎⭐︎

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? 


The Internet causes people to interact with each other less than they did in the past. Use specific reasons to support your answers.


I agree with the idea that the Internet causes people to have fewer interactions with each other. Internet technology has changed our lives because we have so much information and media by using a smartphone. We do not need to contact others. In other words, people in the past interacted than we do in our lives.


One of the reasons the Internet causes us to interact with others less is that the Internet makes gathering places less necessary. With internet access, we can look up any information, watch TV programs, or listen to any music by utilizing our computer, tablet, or smartphone. In the past, to attend community events, we need to go to places such as libraries, book stores, cafes, etc. But these might be out-to-date for the young generation who prefer communicating online. Moreover, there are more and more services provided through the Internet. Schools and offices are moving onto the Internet too. If people use this Internet route to study and work, they may have fewer interactions with friends or colleagues in school or office.


Communication online is still less social than face-to-face communication. Some argue that the Internet allows people to interact electronically. Still, there is a significant divide between online and offline from my experience. Staying home can make people feel isolated as they do not see others all day long. Also, online communication tends to be text message only, not voice or video. This difference makes our lives less interactive.


In conclusion, the Internet leads people to isolate themselves from others, staying at home instead of going out. Moreover, human interaction on the Internet is not as personal as face-to-face meetings between people.

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TOEFL Writing⭐︎

TOEFL ライティングのサンプルです。






1 結論(人との関わりは減った、に賛成)

2 理由1(集まりにくくなった)

3 理由2(オンラインでのやりとりは対面よりも希薄)

4 結論をもう一回



理由1 インターネットで手に入るから、人との待ち合わせに出かけなくなった。学校や会社もオンライン化している。

​理由2 コミュニケーションのやりとりはどうなのか? オンラインは対面よりは対話は落ちる。テキストだけで顔は合わせないこともある。



TOEFL Writing questions⭐︎

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Universities should give the same amount of money to their students’ sports activities as they give to their university libraries. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Which do you like? Eating at food restaurants or home.? Use specific reasons explain your answer.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? University students should be required to attend classes rather than going to classes as an optional for students. Use specific reasons or experiences to explain your answer.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Governments should spend more money on improving roads and highways than improving public transportation, such as buses, trains, subways? Use specific reasons in your essay.

In general, people are living longer now. Discuss the causes of this change. Use specific reasons to explain your answer.

In some countries, teenagers have jobs while they are still students. Do you think this is a good idea? Support your opinion by using specific reasons and details.

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TOEFL Writing⭐︎

TOEFL ライティングの質問サンプルです。



1 結論

2 理由1

3 理由2

4 結論をもう一回



Writing Sample⭐︎⭐︎

Please write about your favorite transportation such as car and train. What do you like? Use examples and reasons to support your opinion.


I like an airplane the best. There are several reasons for my thought. 


First of all, I like the shape of the airplane as a whole and its parts. An aircraft has a jet engine, propeller, or rocket engine. The design of these parts looks cool to me. When I am a child, my family use the airplane to visit my grandfather and grandmother. I was excited to see the airplane at the airport. 


An airplane is a product developed through the procedure of design, planning, and test. We usually use airplanes for recreation. Moreover, there is more usage such as transportation of goods as It plays a role in the global trading operation. Worldwide, commercial airplanes transport more than four billion passengers every year. Also, they transport a large number of goods and items annually.


In the future, I want to be involved in an airplane. My goal is to enter an airline company or airplane manufacture.

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TOEFL Writing⭐︎⭐︎




2 飛行機の製造はデザインからテストまで長いプロセスがあり、それは人やものをたくさん運ぶため。



​Word Choice⭐︎

Reaching the advanced level in English takes a (   ), so many people give up on the way there.

A. long    B. second     C. way    D. action


Your English is fine (      ) you make some minor mistakes.

A. even     B. but     C. so    D. though


Users can continue to learn English for a long time because of its (     ) cost and a lot of content.

A.  high      B. right      C. reasonable     D. expensive


Have you heard the word, GIGA School? The Japanese government plans to (     ) PC or a tablet to all students across Japan.

A. supply     B. adopt      C. distribute     D. build


This tool helps children to learn not only English (    ) also many subjects. With internet access in school, home, or public space, you are ready to study.

A. but     B. and     C. not     D. both

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TOEFL Writing GAFA⭐︎

What work do you want to do? Which company do you want to work in?


I would like to work in GAFA after graduating from university. Now I study Computer Science, so I hope to utilize my IT skills in my work.


GAFA is an acronym for Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. I want to join one of these companies because GAFA is the dominant player in digital information technology. I am going to write my plans when I am offered a position from technology giant companies.


If I work at Google, I want to be involved in digital marketing. Google invented AdSense, which is the number 1 technology in online advertising. 


When I work at Apple, I wish to be a product manager. I have been an Apple user since high school. I think Apple's iPhone is much user-friendly than other brand's smartphones. It is a great honor to be able to contribute to the world's most valuable brand. 


As I specialize in computer security, I think a risk-management role in Facebook fits well with me. Social networking service always requires privacy and risk management. I am excited to use what I learn during 4 years at university.


I respect Amazon because this company is the best online store in the world. Nowadays, we can purchase electronics, software, video games, apparel, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry in the Amazon marketplace. 


These are my career plan when I work in GAFA. I look forward to working in the world's best technology company.

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The following is a sample in accounting journal:


"Most companies would favor that fines as a penalty of not complying with regulations about proper disclosure should be raised to prevent accounting fraud from occurring again. They also think that fees paid to audit firms should increase as tight regulation on financial statements has been imposed on listed companies. Hence these changes would enhance the transparency of accounting disclosure and financially support audit firms; companies also benefit more than costs and burdens they suffered."




Let’s write critique of the statement above.



This argument states that benefits associated with positive effects created by additional fines as a punishment and costs for audit are more significant than burdens. However, the reasoning the author wrote is not well constructed with a logical explanation. While the statement assumes that the increased transparency of accounting disclosure and financial support for audit firms are worthwhile paying, the following points need to be considered.

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Critique detail⭐︎

"Most companies would favor that fines as a penalty of not complying with regulations about proper disclosure should be raised to prevent accounting fraud from occurring again. They also think that fees paid to audit firms should increase as tight regulation on financial statements has been imposed on listed companies. Hence these changes would enhance the transparency of accounting disclosure and financially support audit firms; companies also benefit more than costs and burdens they suffered."

Let’s write three reasons of the critique above.


The author has a premise that increasing fines or more punishment is an incentive for corporations to act prudently about financial disclosure. Still, the premise may be invalid judging from corporate activities. In recent years, corporations recognize the importance of proper disclosure regarding corporate social responsibility and investor relations. Raising fines is less important than these activities. Punishment may play a minor role in making corporations comply with disclosure rules.


The argument relies on an invalid assumption that corporations can afford to pay higher audit fee and interpret it as an incentive to proper disclosure. Not all corporations possess ample funds for audit. If the cost of auditing rises, some companies can pay the expenditure though others might be unable to do so. If I were CEO, I would decide to spend financial resources on projects or investments, not on administrative tasks. Thus, audit fees may not lead to the incentive for disclosure.


Though increasing audit fees might support auditing firms, there can be another essential point from which audit firms benefit. The audit quality does not always correlate with the audit fee paid. If anything, sufficient time for auditing and cooperation corporations provide for auditing firms is indispensable. The argument does not provide evidence on the relationship between lifting auditing fees and the expected merits created by the change.

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