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​⭐︎  Basic      読みやすい

⭐︎⭐︎  Intermediate  読み応えがある

​Learning English is studying its order⭐︎

Reading is probably the easiest part among four skills of English to begin, but mastering reading is harder than you think first. 


Reading has been the main part of examinations and qualification tests. If you can correctly understand sentences, written English, your answers are certainly right. In other words, reading is the key to passing an examination/test.


Vocabulary, grammar and expression rules are the essential ( and boring) points to study English. Only you need to do at first is to know the following points:

1.    Putting words in the correct order is important when composing a sentence.

2.    English paragraph mainly has three parts: Topic sentence, body sentence, and conclusion.

3.    A noun is modified both forward and backward

(These points are fundamental rules though there are exceptions.)


Once your English is intermediate level, we advise you to pay attention to the rules above. However, as a basic learner or a small child, you do not worry about these. The first step of reading English is to get used to English.


To improve reading skill above the intermediate level, you need to connect a word such as “it” in the sentence to another word in another sentence. Also, please kindly check the order of words in the sentence. It is interesting to find a topic sentence and a conclusion in a paragraph.


Let’s practice listening as well as reading! Understanding what you see can be called the same as understanding what you hear. You can improve the two skills at the same time.



We do NOT advise that kids study English grammar strictly. You can learn it later.

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​Varietion of English fonts⭐︎⭐︎

LRIGHT ENGLISH intentionally uses several fonts. Being used to different fonts is important to your reading skill.


In general, an English test requires you to read English passages in a limited amount of time. It means you need to read English in a hurry. Your reading under pressure due to a test can be slower than usual. You need to get used to reading with a variety of fonts to keep your reading speed.


There are some popular fonts such as “Times New Roman” and “Gothic”. However, more and more fonts are used in each English medium. You can prepare for reading articles using different fonts.


Another tip for reading skills is about how to memory English words called vocabulary. When you study English vocabulary, let’s learn a pronunciation, a word category, and its meaning.


Memorizing pronunciation and category together with meaning makes your memory solid than only meaning. Moreover, this method is helpful for your listening skill too. 

Your listening skill and reading skill are in a mutual relationship with each other. These two are skills to understand information through your eyes or ears. LRIGHT ENGLISH suggests you train both eyes and ears at the same time.

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LRIGHT ENGLISHでは意図的に様々なフォントを用いています。異なるフォントを読む練習はリーディングに大切と考えているからです。














fonts easy ver⭐︎

We use various fonts. Being used to different fonts is important to your reading skill.

In general, you need to read English in a limited amount of time in a test. It means reading speed is important Your reading under pressure is slower than usual when you are not familiar with a font used. You should practice reading many fonts before taking a test.


There are some popular fonts such as “Times New Roman” and “Gothic.” You may see these fonts in your textbooks. However, there are more and more fonts in English. You can prepare for reading different fonts.


Another piece of advice for reading skills is how you can memory English words called vocabulary. When you study English vocabulary, let’s learn pronunciation, a word category, and its meaning.

Memorizing pronunciation and category together with meaning is more effective training than only trying to learn the meaning. Moreover, this method is good for your listening skill too. 


You can practice our listening skill and reading skill at the same time in the training above. These two are skills to understand information through your eyes or ears. We suggest you train both eyes and ears. 

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LRIGHT ENGLISHでは意図的に様々なフォントを用いています。異なるフォントに慣れていないと本番で読むスピードが遅くなってしまい、​学校の試験にしろ、資格試験、入学試験は多くの場合時間との勝負ですから、いろんなフォントに慣れておきましょう。









What is reading?⭐︎

Reading meanings of words written in an English article may be insufficient.


You might be good at reading rather than listening, speaking, and writing. Although you may think so, reading is much more than getting meanings of words. What is reading? Let’s think about other points in reading English.

1.    Reading the structure of an English article.

English paragraph generally consists of three parts: topic, body, and conclusion. However, you can read English in a more detailed way. There may be reasons, assumptions, evidence, etc. Each sentence has its role in a paragraph or an article. It is a good practice to check the role of each sentence.


2.    Reading the writer’s thought

Some articles are to send information to readers. Others may be a piece of advice. There are other types of articles: explanation, convincing readers, introduction, promotion, etc. The purpose of an article is not always written. Let’s practice reading the main reason of an article.


We introduced the two points above, and there are more points for reading. As your English becomes better, you can read more points from reading.

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1. 構造を読む


2. 著者を読む



TOIEC part 5⭐︎

The following questions are for studying TOEIC Reading part 5.


1. __________ very nice sales in its Car Sales Division, ABC enterprise finished net loss in the fiscal year of 2019.


   (A) Thanks to

   (B) Because of

   (C) Because

   (D) Despite




The answer is D.

Despite very nice sales in its Car Sales Division, ABC enterprise finished net loss in the fiscal year of 2019.

“Despite” means “without being influenced by.” “In spite of” is similar to “Despite,” like “In spite of her study, she failed to pass the qualification test to get driver’s license.



2. The total expense of the newly started business plan was more than triple the initial __________ .


   (A) predict

   (B) estimate

   (C) cost

   (D) analysis



The answer is B.

The total expense of the newly started business plan was more than triple the initial estimate.

“estimate” means “to guess or calculate the cost, size, value, etc. of something.” “estimation” is similar to “estimate,” like “In her estimation, a lot of other competitors are going to expand their business into the E-commerce industry.”



3. You are familiar with medical industry regulations, __________ worked for the hospital for over 15 years.


   (A) having

   (B) which

   (C) because

   (D) was




The answer is A.

You are familiar with medical industry regulations, having worked for the hospital for over 15 years. “having worked” has a meaning of “continue to do” or “experience.” Michael has lived in London for about one year.



4. The city library is unavailable __________ April 5 because the build is under maintenance during spring vacation.


   (A) on

   (B) within

   (C) until

   (D) by




The answer is C. 

The city library is unavailable until April 5 because the build is under maintenance during spring vacation.

“until” and “by” are related to time. While “by” means deadline of a time or day, “until” means a period of “up to.” 

For example, art paintings will be on exhibition until the end of the month.

The application must be in by March 31 to be accepted.

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TOEIC Part 5⭐︎

TOEIC Part 5 のサンプル問題です。





Business | TOEFL Reading⭐︎

1. Challenges facing Enedrink X in ABC country


The fundamental challenge is wehat should the reputation of Enedrink X in ABC country be?

Several issues are surrounding Enedrink X in ABC country (hereafter referred to as Enedrink X), such as the existence of the very same name product sold from a different company. What truly needs to do for Enedrink X is to define the desired reputation and implement the communication with the strategy to achieve it.


The first part might have been cleared already, for Enedrink X as a product is “Giving Power to People and Ideas.” In other words, it should be perceived not as a carbonated beverage with ingredients but as a product with which you can make it in a big challenge. In contrast, the second part of developing the reputation has large room for enhancement.


2. Communication Objective


The prime objective of communication is to create and expand a new market for Enedrink X through establishing its reputation. Currently, the majority of residents in ABC country have misconceptions about the product. Enedrink X needs to turn these around and have consumers recognize the product correctly through communication activities.



3. Implementation Plan


The first point media play an important role in suggesting a new agenda for choosing an energizer beverage. Ideally, Enedrink X would utilize earned media such as magazines or newspapers to communicate with various consumers. Though energizers and supplements might tend to be evaluated by which ingredients are in, when to drink can be a new agenda to consumers. For example, if the media introduce Enedrink X of Austria as a very choice before an important business interview. As a popular product a lot of professionals beyond industries regularly take, it would bring a different perspective.


“Why energy drink?” can be another agenda. There may be a shift among reasons to purchase energy drinks. Simply positive effect on physical health by taking in ingredients can be replaced with intangible effect on mental condition for better performance and achievement. SNS or blog is where every individual can post a message, so exchanging ideas/opinions about Enedrink X in an open space like SNS is nice. As there is a placebo effect in medical treatment, most consumers, especially the upper-class population, recognize the importance of mental condition under tight-pressured modern society in ABC country.


Enedrink X sponsored X-game events if Enedrink X can attract some portion of fun visiting or watching X-game. They would then talk about it to their family and friends. Specifically, one option is to air advertisements on Paid media of TV and Youtube with many exciting performances in X-games. The excitement and bravery of X-games are associated with the blue and silver can of Enedrink X.

Question1. What is the mail goal of communication?

Question 2. which shift the article implies in terms of reasons to buy energy drink?

​Question 3. Why the author talks about X-games?

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ビジネス|TOEFL 5⭐︎

TOEFL やTOEICの難しめの練習に読んでみてください。


Water |EIKEN 2nd⭐︎⭐︎

Japan has relatively high precipitation per square meter of its territory. There are plenty of water resources, compared to the global average. However, Japan repeatedly experienced major water shortages. For example, approximately 16 million people were affected by suspended or reduced water supply in 1994. Moreover, agriculture suffered production losses of 140 billion yen in this shortage.


River flows change throughout the year. On the other hand, the water consumption for domestic and industrial uses does not fluctuate as largely as the river flow. To secure a stable water supply, the Japanese government constructed dams and weirs so that all of the households, agriculture, and industries can utilize water in all seasons of the year.


Water scarcity, also called water stress or water crisis, is the lack of water resources. Humanity has been facing a water crisis due to unequal distribution. A sharp rise in global freshwater demand in recent decades driven by industry is one of the reasons. 


Water scarcity can also be caused by droughts, lack of rainfall, or pollution. According to World Economic Forum, water shortage is a global risk in terms of potential impact over the next decade.


Two-thirds of the global population, which is equivalent to 4 billion people, live under conditions of severe water scarcity at least one month of the year. Half a billion people in the world face severe water scarcity all year round.

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TOEIC Press Release⭐︎⭐︎

Today, we announced new initiatives as part of its long-standing commitment to using its scale and platform to positively impact the communities it serves. The company will invest $100 million to launch the Community Resilience Fund to support small businesses and community development projects. In addition, XYZ Corp is partnering with DEF museum to share the museum’s educational resources and digital volunteer opportunities.


By 2029, the Community Resilience Fund will invest $100 million to advance racial equity and environmental resilience. We support small business growth and community development projects in neighborhoods with historically limited access to capital. The investments will initially focus on 12 U.S. metropolitan areas and their surrounding regions.


In partnership with community leaders, the Fund will help provide access to capital intended to support small businesses and neighborhood projects, including those addressing the inequitable impacts of climate change.


“XYZ Corp is investing in the survival of small businesses by delivering affordable credit as well as training on disaster recovery and rebuilding. That is exactly what small businesses need right now to withstand ongoing economic and climate changes. With partners, these small businesses will have a chance to recover, rebuild, hire workers and serve their local economy.



Question 1: What the fund aims for?

Question 2: Why does YXZ Corp partner with DEF museum?

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TOEIC プレスリリース⭐︎⭐︎





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