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1. English is just a tool.

​English is convenient for communication. It is true, but English cannot be purpose.


2. Learning English can have you admitted to a school.

Many schools accept applicants with English skills. Many admissions require only English.


3. More than 1 billion people speak English.

​English is a public language in many countries such as the US, UK, etc. Moreover, there are a lot of nations where English is spoken as a second language.

4. English raises your income.

​In many countries, businesspersons with English proficiency make more money than those who do not have it.


5. English is a Japanese weakness.

If more Japanese became fluent in English, Japan would be more competitive.

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1. 英語はただの道具にすぎない




2. 英語ができるだけで受験合格することもある




3. 10億人以上が英語を話せる





4. 英語ができればもっと稼げる





5. 英語は日本人の弱点

6. Elementary school students can complete English courses taught in high school.

​You may be smart enough to learn English before entering high school.


7. You do not need to master English to get the license to teach English.

​Some English teachers in Japan got low score at standardized test such as TOEIC.

8.  Perfect is the enemy of learning English.

​English is the most spoken language as second language. You do not have to speak like native.

9. Pronunciation is only one part of speaking elements.

​Other parts are intonations, accents, phonics, etc.


10. English is not sufficient enough to be a global leader.​

​To be a global leader requires more than English. Other includes interpersonal skill, leadership, cultural understanding, etc.


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6. 小学生でも高校英語をマスターできる





7. 英語の教員免許はペラペラでなくても取得できる



8. 完璧主義は英語習得の敵



9. 発音が良くなくても通じる




10. 英語力だけではグローバルリーダーにはなれない

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