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⭐︎   Basic  読みやすい



If you are kid, grammar is not good to study. You can learn it later.


The point above is one of the most discussed topics regarding children’s learning English. There are both affirmative and negative opinions on this. We advise you to skip grammar until you become grade 4 or older in elementary school.


Another advice related to learning grammar is that the intermediate level enables you to enjoy studying grammatical points. Before reaching intermediate, it is boring to read a grammatical textbook. 

Grammar is the rules of English. The basic rules of English decide the structure of English sentences. They design how to put words in a sentence. English grammar and Japanese grammar differ entirely.


One of the essential points when learning English grammar is the importance of the word order in English. LRIGHT ENGLISH thinks that about half of learning grammar is to study the word order.


The word order in English is more complicated than that of Japanese. We Japanese have to adjust to the English version of the word order.


The first step is to know the importance. When learning basic English, you do not need to take care of the word order because it is not interesting. You should put priority to have fun learning English.


After reaching intermediate, it is a good time to focus more on grammatical. Learning English grammar includes a large number of points. Let’s enjoy studying hard.

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LRIGHT ENGLISHは英文法を重視していますが、小学校低学年のうちは英文法を学習しないことをおすすめしています。














1. be | ​am | are | is⭐︎  

“be” is the starting point to learn English.

Its rule is simple; 

1.           I am.

2.           You are. They are. Apples are. Three types are.

3.           She is. He is. It is. This is. That is. 


These three types “are” the basic rule of “be.”



“be” is the basic. When you use “can,” “will,” “should,” etc., you use “be” with these words such as “You will be” or “It can be.”


Practice makes your English skill. Let’s practice listening and speaking phrases below.


I am Japanese.


You are young.


He is tall.


She is cute.


It is not a book. It is a notebook.


They are junior high school students. 


We advises you to practice listening and speaking when you study  English.


If you practice these for three days, you can keep these in your memory. If you continue the practice for one week, your English will be much better.


Let’s speak about yourself, such as below!

You are a student.

You are ten years old.

You are smart. 


Job is a good word when you practice “be.” 

I am a journalist.

You are a professional guitar player.

My brother is an actor.

My dream is a comedian in the future.



We use “be” for time and weather. 

What time is it now?

Do you have the time?

It is 9 pm.

It is sunny today.

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1. Be動詞⭐︎


  1.  Iならam

  2.  youとthey,その他複数形はare

  3.  she, he, itやその他単数なら is