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⭐︎   Basic     読みやすい


Day 1 Numbers and Alphabets ⭐︎

Day 1.

Let’s study numbers.

1: one. 2: two. 3: three. 4: four. 5: five. 6: six. 7: seven. 8: eight. 9: nine. 10: ten. 11: eleven. 12: twelve. 13: thirteen. 14: fourteen. 15: fifteen. 16: sixteen. 17: seventeen. 18: eighteen. 19: nineteen.

Let’s practice numbers again.


There are bigger numbers.

100: one hundred. 200: two hundred. 550: five hundred fifty, five fifty.

1,000: one thousand. 1,050: one thousand and fifty, ten fifty

3,200: three thousand and two hundred, thirty-two hundred.

10,000: ten thousand.

250,000: two hundred fifty thousand.

1,000,000: one million.


Numbers are another use like this.

1: 1st.  2: 2nd.  3: 3rd.  4: 4th.  5: 5th.  6: 6th.  7: 7th.  8: 8th.  9: 9th.  10: 10th.  


Next, let’s learn alphabets.

A: Apple.  B: Bicycle.  C: Car.  D: Door.  E: English.  F: Friend.  G: Good.  H: Heart.  I: Island.  J: Japan.  K: King.  L: Love.  M:Moon.  N: Nice.  O: Open.  P: Point. Q: Question. R: Regular.  S: Student.  T: Time.  U: Unique.  V: Victory. W: What.  X: X-ray.  Y: Year.  Z: Zebra.


Let’s practice alphabets again.

A: Amazon.  B: Book.  C: Canada.  D: Dynamite.  E: Engine.  F: Finland.  G: Germany.  H: Hawaii.  I: India.  J: Jump.  K: Kitchen.  L: Lion.  M: Mexico.  N: Newspaper.  O: Ocean.  P: Pumpkin.  Q: Quiz.  R: Rain.  S: School.  T: Television.  U: USA.  V: Virus.  W: Water.  X: Xavier.  Y: Yellow.  Z: Zero.

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1日目 ⭐︎






25万を英語で表す場合には 250,000ですから”two hundred fifty thousand"となります。

ややこしいのが西暦2021年を"twenty twenty-one"と2桁+2桁となることが多いです。 

また、日付などは"1st", "2nd", "3rd”と表します。何番目についてのfirst, second, thirdと同じです。





Day 1

Day 2 be | am | are | is ⭐︎

Day 2.

“be” is the starting point to learn English.

Its rule is simple. When saying about people, there are 3 types, “am”, “are”, and “is”.

1.  “am”.  I am Japanese. I am 30 years old. 

2.  “are”.  You are young. You are Canadian. They are professional soccer player.

3.  “is”.   She is an elementary school student. He is a businessperson.


Let’s practice listening and speaking phrases below.

I am proud of my score of the English test. I am rookie year in The University of Tokyo.

Are you high school student? You are so smart. They are junior high school students. 

She is cute. He is Japanese.


When saying about an item or a thing, there are 2 types, “is” for 1 item and “are” for 2 or more items.

1.  “is”.   This is my PlayStation. Is that building your school? It is not a book. It is a notebook. It is a tomato. This is my iPhone. 

2.  “are”.  These games are a lot of fun. These hamburgers are for our lunch.


Job is a good word when you practice “be.” 

I am a journalist.

You are a professional guitar player.

My brother is an actor.

My dream is a comedian in the future.


We use “be” for time and weather. 

What time is it now?

​It is 9 pm.

It is sunny today.

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2日目 ⭐︎



1人称 am

2人称 are

3人称 is


複数形の場合には areで統一されています。